New Bathroom Trends

There are some fun trends emerging in bathroom design this year. Hatchett Design Remodel, located in Virginia Beach and Newport News, has hand-picked a few of our favorites.

Open Concept

The concept of an open floor plan has been popular in kitchens for decades, and now designers are carrying that concept into master bathrooms. Homeowners enjoy the spaciousness created by removing the wall that separates the master bedroom from the master bath. Those who have concerns about privacy, fear not. Enclosed lavatories, sliding barriers and privacy glass are potential solutions for modest homeowners.

New Bathroom Trend Open Concept Master Bath
Photo Credit Dwell on Pinterest
Vanities Over Windows

Windows can make a bathroom remodel challenging, because they limit a designer’s options as she or he reworks the footprint of the space. Therefore, clever designers are now rethinking traditional “rules”. Locating the vanity under the window might be the most efficient use of the space, and it allows you to take advantage of the natural light. The vanity mirror can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted on a swing arm or hung from barn door hardware.

New Bathroom Trend Vanities Under Windows
Photo Credit One Kindesign on Pinterest
Exposed Plumbing

The industrial design style has gained momentum in 2019. Inspired by the raw simplicity of warehouse interiors, this urban aesthetic embraces the beauty of construction materials that are usually concealed by walls. In bathrooms, exposed shower plumbing adds a touch of unfinished chic to your renovated space.

New Bathroom Trend Exposed Shower Plumbing
Photo Credit Apartment Therapy on Pinterest
Hidden Shower Drain

Ironically, while exposing the intake lines of your shower plumbing is trending, so is hiding the outtake.  Linear drains discreetly placed under the shower flooring help create a stream-lined, seamless look.

New Bathroom Trend Hidden Shower Drain
Photo Credit House Beautiful on Pinterest
Statement Wall

This design trend adds both character and depth to your bathroom. A statement wall pulls the eye through the space thereby making it appear larger. To create this type of focal point, tile or wallpaper one entire wall, and don’t be afraid to go bold – the bolder, the better!

New Bathroom Trend Statement Wall of Tile or Wallpaper
Photo Credit Amber Interiors on Pinterest

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Boost Your Curb Appeal

This time of year is ideal for tackling some tasks that will boost your home’s curb appeal. Our design team at Hatchett Design Remodel has a list of the top 5 ways you can make your home more inviting.

Entry Door

Curb appeal is the first impression your home makes on visitors, and your front door sets the tone. Entryway doors are so significant, in fact, that according to the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners can recoup up to 91.4% of the cost to install a new front door. The design of your front door should fit the architectural style of your home, and the color should pop. Pick a color that complements the overall color scheme of your house yet stands out. This HGTV article will provide some inspiration for choosing exterior paint colors.

Photo Credit HGTV on Pinterest

Your front yard has a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. That said, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Basic lawn care like weed control and regular manicuring (mowing and edging) will boost your home’s presentation. Adding flower beds, borders and well-placed bushes will take it up another notch.  Be mindful not to plant trees or bushes that will grow large and eventually block the view of your home from the street.

Photo Credit Remodelaholic on Pinterest

A dark entryway is not at all inviting, so turn your entryway lights on at night. If you don’t have light sensors or timers to keep your lights on when it’s dark, there are dusk to dawn bulbs that will keep you from having to monitor turning the lights on and off. Keep your light fixtures clean of spider webs and other debris. To really freshen up your curb appeal, replace your old sconces and entry pendant lights with statement fixtures. Solar powered luminaries along the walkway are a nice touch as well.

Photo Credit Most Lovely Things on Pinterest
Update Accessories

House numbers and mailboxes often get a little tattered from outside elements. The good news is that these items are super easy to replace. There are a variety of options available online, so don’t just settle for whatever you can pick up on the local big box store. Take some time to look for accessories that will add some personality to your curb appeal.

Photo Credit Modern House Numbers
Outdoor Decor

Too much outdoor decor can make your house look junky and cluttered. On the contrary, too little can make it look like you just moved in and aren’t yet settled. Choose your outdoor furniture, pillows, potted plants, wreaths, and signs wisely. Guests shouldn’t have to maneuver around anything to reach your front door. It’s also important to keep these items clean for them to be truly welcoming.

Photo Credit Plank & Pillow

A home with good curb appeal shows pride in ownership. Keeping your home up to date – inside and out – will bring you great joy while increasing your home’s value. For more ideas on keeping your home up to date, reach out to Hatchett Design Remodel at our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach… it costs nothing to ask!

The Huntings’ Master Bath Remodel

The Huntings built their dream house in Franklin back in the early 1990s. After nearly 30 years, their beloved home looked more dated than dreamy. That’s when they decided to hire Hatchett to give their home a much needed make-over by remodeling the kitchen, sunroom and master bath.
Photo Real Rendering of Hunting Master Bath Remodel
Shower with Glass Enclosure
Even though the bathroom looked old and out-dated, the layout worked well for them. Without changing the footprint, Jessica’s design completely transformed their bathroom into a luxurious, spa-like space.
Hunting Master Bath Before & After
Their original shower was enclosed by walls. By replacing the shower with a frameless glass enclosure, the bathroom appears significantly larger. It also allows the natural light from the window over the tub to spill into the room.
Hunting Master Bath Before & After
Freestanding Tub
The new freestanding tub takes up less floor space than the old built-in model. The fixtures are mounted in a ledge behind the tub which also provides shelf space for toiletries, towels and decor.
Hunting Master Bath Before & After
Vanities & Mirrors
The new double vanities are white, which helps make their bathroom look larger. White and light-colored cabinets and walls reflect light, thereby creating the illusion of a bigger space. While the design of the vanities looks very similar, the new vanities offer more drawer space than the original ones. For bathroom storage, drawers often prove to be more functional than cabinets.
Hunting Master Bath Before & After
To maximize their bathroom storage, we replaced the old tiny medicine cabinets with Robern Uplift Mirrors from Ferguson. When the mirrors glide upward, hidden medicine cabinet storage is revealed. The built-in lights turn on automatically.
Roburn Uplift Mirror/Medicine Cabinet
Client Feedback
As you might imagine, the Huntings are ecstatic with their new master bathroom, so we asked them to share some information about their remodeling experience with Hatchett.

What is your favorite part of your remodel?

We are enjoying our newly remodeled home. The glass shower is our favorite feature in the bathroom. Everything looks clean and organized.

Why did you choose Hatchett Design Remodel?

We first heard about Hatchett at a home show in Virginia Beach a few years ago where we met Kevin. When we were ready for our remodel, we called Kevin. We chose Hatchett, because you could provide all of the resources to cover the architectural and structural aspects of the project along with the design and construction.

What is your advice to other homeowners planning to remodel?

Our advice is to be as specific and detailed as possible with the goals of your project. Then you have to be realistic with the budget and schedule estimates.

After completing the kitchen, sunroom and bathroom remodel, we asked the Huntings how they felt about the whole experience.

Our house remodel turned out just as we planned and hoped it would. We would definitely use Hatchett again.

The Huntings with JessicaKevin and Adam
Take it from the Huntings – when you’re ready to remodel, contact Hatchett Design Remodel. Call or come by our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach – it costs nothing to ask!

The Value of a Bathroom Addition

Older homes typically have fewer bathrooms than ones that are built today. If you have a large family, enjoy entertaining or are looking at the resale value of your home, a bathroom addition is worth considering. There are several ways to go about adding a bathroom, and our designers at Hatchett can help you figure out the best strategy.

Full Bathroom Addition built in eaves of a home
Photo Credit This Old House on Pinterest
Location, Location, Location

The first step is to identify the need. Do you simply want a small powder room or do you have the need for a full bathroom with a tub and shower? Next, determine the location that best serves the need. It’s important to also keep the location of existing plumbing in mind. The closer your new bathroom is to supply and drainage lines, the more affordable the renovation will be. On the bright side, according to the 2019 Cost Vs. Value Report, a homeowner can recoup up to 81% of the cost of a bathroom addition.

Wasted Space Under Stairwell

With these types of additions, you have two options. The first is to build out adding square footage to your home. The second is to convert existing square footage. To do this, look for areas of wasted space. Unused space under a stairwell can be ideal for a powder room. It’s cozy, but half the fun is finding creative ways to make the space feel larger.

Powder Room Addition built under stairs
Photo Credit Home BNC on Pinterest
End of Hallway

Perhaps there’s dead space at the end of a hallway that can be converted to a half bath.

Half bath addition at end of hallway
Photo Credit Provident Home Design on Pinterest
Convert a Closet

How much closet space do you have? You could possibly sacrifice a closet for the greater good of an extra bathroom.  Another scenario could be constructing a new wall in a large room that would create an adjacent bathroom for that space. The use of a translucent glass wall in this example allows light from an exterior window to still spill into the main room.

Closet converted to bathroom
Photo Credit Remodelista
Expand the Laundry Room

If you can talk the hubs into sacrificing some of his garage space, that’s a convenient location that’s usually in close proximity to the kitchen (and existing plumbing). If you have a laundry room adjacent to the garage, Hatchett could expand that space to include both your laundry and a bathroom.

Photo Credit The Brick House on Pinterest

In this scenario, a large single basin sink can double as a utility sink.

Bathroom Laundry Room Combo
Photo Credit BrePurposed on Pinterest

There are numerous possibilities, and each home is unique. If you’d like to talk to our design team about a bathroom addition, reach out to Hatchett Design Remodel at our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach… it costs nothing to ask!